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This site is here to provide information about process control, particularly the PID control algorithm, controller tuning, cascade control, and other topics.

Tutorial on the PID control loop and tuning (in 6 parts)
This tutorial describes the PID control algorithm, how it works, and  how it is tuned.

Brief Explanation of the PID control algorithm
A brief version of the tutorial.

Suggested Code for the PID Algorithm
A suggestion about how to implement the PID algorithm in digital form.

Cascade Control
A short explanation, with diagrams, of cascade control and the details of its implementation.

Control Views
News, articles, and comments from the world of process control.

Also of interest:

Process Measurement and Control Forum for discussion of all aspects of process measurement and control,
The sci.engr.control news group has discussions of interest to control engineers. Google groups: sci.engr.control
Buy books on control topics. I have a list of books I recommend for reference and for learning about control.

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How It Works and How To Tune It.
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